The Truth About Sydney Property Valuations Is About To Be Revealed.

That we’re missing here in  Australia and as we move towards  positive credit reporting we’ll start to  get a bit more visibility around how much debt is held against a property you  can see how leveraged people are absolutely it’s all publicly available or publicly available and you know you  can work out equity of that yeah it is very different what a great point or seen go through there and see who sort  of over leveraged in a negative equity and try and pick yourself up a bargain.

I guess but this is the power of data that’s the power of data and blending  our datasets with other datasets is really where it’s at now big data is that’s what it’s all about is blending datasets from all over the place bring it into one central location and then really start ringing the value out of it hmm what do you guys got coming down life or property versus yours doing you update and whether it’s through acquisition or you’re bringing in new data sets into  current modeling you always doing something new what was an ex exciting thing coming down life for property investors well.

It’s probably a couple things one would be along the line of our analytics so we’re always building  new indices and and and raising the bar in the way we measure property so our hedonic index which is really well known it’s about how we we track housing markets across the capital cities and across standardized regions we’re starting to apply the same  methodology down to more granular levels now suburbs postcodes council areas and even customized boundaries so you can start to see well waterfront properties are performing non waterfront properties for example.

What’s happening with properties with with with large slopes  on them for example though they generally discounted and if so by how much so really fine-tuning our analytics across different geographies and different housing types some of the tools that investors should should be expecting to use these days very much now come back to spatial tools so  mapping applications and overlaying different data sets across a geographical context really important you know you start to see a whole new view of the housing market.

When you start to see what does it look like when you overlay the geography but forget about suburb boundaries or postcode boundaries you can start viewing trends  on a map you know in the context of other geographical boundaries like rivers waterways railways school zones for example give you a whole new view on the housing market it’s good that all these informations available right now and it’s just seems to be more of a more coming on but one of the traps that a lot of investors find themselves in is that they just  keep researching you know overanalyze right the fact.

Where Can You Find Free property valuations sydney Resources

Compared toother property valuations sydney asset classes alright let’s getstartedalright so right now .

There’s obviously alot of talk around you know property valuations sydney propertyprices being at all-time highs and beingso expensive and you know .

  • How a price isclear I’ll hire with you know theearnings multiple basically you know.
  • When compared to to income levels youknow being so high everything like thatand .
  • While there is potentially you knowsome truth in you know looking at that metric and you.
  • know believing thatprices are and did you know hi if you actually.

You know want to make anaccurate comparison you really need tolook at where valuations are incom parison to other asset classes and ifyou’re savvy investor you know generally being you.

Know where the value is canyou know over the long term you knowpotentially give you the best potentialrisk adjusted returns obviously .

Thereare bubbles so you know sometimes beingin the best of it how you play isn’t thebest in .

  • The short term but over the longterm you should get the bestrisk-adjusted returns because .
  • What you’re buying is you know a solid assetat a reasonable value now if we sort ofstart off.
  • By comparing to where the sortof stock markets are right now S&P is the US index that’s.

The top companies in the US they derive morethan fifty percent of their revenue fromoverseas now so it’s actually more of aglobal index if you will and andbasically .

The price to earnings ratio isaround  right now that’s taken fromThe Wall Street Journal and basically.

That means in earnings yield of about four point one six percent now .

The dividend yield is only about two percentthe difference is that that other twopercent is being retained in thebusiness for you know growth or actually you know being used for share buybacksso effectively .

The best comparison forwhen you’re looking at you know equityis the verse property you need to lookat the earnings yield so at about fourpoint one six percent .

This is relativelycomparableor to wear Australian property you knowis sitting right now in terms of yieldsnow obviously if you’re looking athigh-end you know very luxurious kind of properties .

Residential Property Valuations

Property valuers would be valued limited in Sydney  and in this series of blogs and talking about surveys and Residential property valuations in particular a client may wants real estate valuation particularly of a domestic property for different reasons.

It could be for inheritance tax or probate capital gains tax it could be that they share the ownership with a housing association or purchased under help to buy and a stair casing or proposing to sell the property.

And in those circumstances are required to obtain a Residential property valuation from a valuation severe the clients could unfortunately be in a matrimonial dispute or a disputes may be another nature and require a retrospective valuation.

Property Valuations, Property valuers

The client could be contemplating purchasing the property and may have commissioned a separate condition survey homebuyers reports or building survey or maybe even require a Residential property valuation to help them make up their mind about purchasing the property so what would the clients expect to get in the property valuation report.

Certified property valuers are going to take you through one now just to show you very quickly obviously be a title page and then Property valuers will explain the purpose of the valuation the assumed date of the valuation and perhaps set out recent market trends.

And obviously state the market value and let’s perhaps the client is looking for a rental value set out the date and extent of the inspection it may refer to any separate survey which has been done after set out briefly the situation communication means as the property.

Its description residential property valuers mean whether it’s a flat or a house terraced or detached construction page apparent stage of repair accommodation and Residential property valuation services all briefly it’s tenure.

I.e. whether it’s freehold or sells any easements or rights of way any tenants is the property subject to planning its existing use possibly any development potential environmental issues contamination flooding minerals council tax perhaps a statement of the property valuation approach probably with reference to the comparable.

Real estate valuation, Residential Property Valuations

Property valuation method where the value will be probably using recent local sales or lettings of comparable property a limitation liability will be set out consent to publication.

The problem will be no consent confirmation that the property valuation is done in accordance with the latest edition or international valuation standards the Residential property valuation report will be signed dated and any sort of assumptions for example with new property.

It’s registered as it used to be called that sort of thing will also be explained so if you’re looking for a valuation particular of a residential property then registered property valuers have be very pleased to help you and you can easily contact Property valuers thank you very much.

Residential Property Valuations

Property valuers would be valued limited in Sydney and in this series of blogs and talking about surveys and property valuations in particular a client may wan

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